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Player Points
Christine Deplanck 185
Chris Snider 175
Tony Lewis 166
Leon Tunnell 137
Wayne Hawthorne 134
John Chrapa 122
Lou Williams 114
Tom Greene 96
Bo Wroten 90
Anna Pack 85
Greg Stumbo 85
Grant Leber 77
Peggy Terpenning 76
Jeff Reigle 74
Christie Welmers 69
Grace Jackson 59
Jim Hagan 54
Karen Ondayko 53
Mary Malaszek 50
Rodney Gipe 50
Jerry Sonnier 49
Lee Sonnier 49
Steve Woodbury 49
Charles Kiehl 45
Jean Stewart 45
Jerry Jackson 44
Carolyn Orme 42
Ashley Laphan 39
Jason Greene 39
Jim Cecchini 37
Phil Hadsell 37
Mitch Askew 36
Patty Newhall 36
John Hilleary 35
Lenora Askew 35
JR Buck 34
Herb Greene 32
JR Chisholm 32
Tom Tzobanakis 32
Allen Bryant 31
Barb White 30
Julie Tzobanakis 30
Harvey Tolbert 29
Jim Welch 29
Patti Hoffman 29
Jennings Ezelle 28
Ray Harko 28
Chuck Mohr 27
Clem Lamarche 27
Jim Sisco 27
Yvette Ward 27
EJ Luke 26
Bud Ward 25
Chris Dowsey 25
Dick Cecchini 24
Judy Tolbert 23
Raudell Torres 23
Robyn Dowsey 23
Jack Reed 20
Lauren Askew 20
Maxine Underwood 20
Travis Horn 20
Bruce Underwood 19
Bob Treibitz 17
Jude Baker 17
Karin Woodbury 17
Ray Grawburg 16
Sherri Yokum 16
Ed Conte 15
Gay Boehme 15
Mary Shinavar 15
Alex Weever 14
Alice Douglas 14
Debra Sweeney 14
Darlene Grawburg 12
Bill Baker 11
Nick Hart 11
Tom Keen 11
Tim Yokum 10
Marge Tigger 9
Gail Evans 8
Jay Trombley 8
Michael Yarbrough 8
Steve Harris 8
Wayne Ostrand 8
Jonathan Carroll 7
Shirley Robbins 7
Anita Hutchinson 6
Hazel Jones 6
Shorty Mayo 6
Steve Volkle 6
Christina Martello 5
Lee Li 5
Bob Small 4
Donnis Mazzucco 4
Jack Robbins 4
Jessie James 4
Kathy Gillman 4
Sandy Small 4
Tony Mann 4
AJ Bryant 3
Bo Wroten Jr 3
David Lake 3
Janet Molnar 3
Red Durlacher 3
Rosemary Lake 3
Barb Cadle 2
Bob Craft 2
Carol Reynolds 2
Chris Hillegrass 2
Harriette Truman 2
Joe Cadle 2
Jonathan Olson 2
JR Duren 2
Kent Adcock 2
Marie Miles 2
Paul Burgett 2
Susan Polanko 2
Teri Boehler 2
Chris Crissinger 1
Gary Molnar 1
Greg Woodbury 1
J B Belloff 1
Janet Jarrells 1
Kathy Chastain 1
Ken Green 1
Kevin Karpowicz 1
Maggie Belloff 1
Toni Crain 1

Welcome to Florida Free Poker

We are Central Florida's home for Free Tournament Style Texas Hold'em. Come visit us at any one of our many locations. Play against local players in a friendly, fun-filled atmosphere for your chance to win great prizes. Come to learn or to brush up on your game. Games are FREE TO PLAY. Earn points towards quarterly tournaments where you can win prizes.

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July Promotions: Receive a participation win for coming to play! First Flush Bounty!
Quarterly August 6th at Crazy Gator. Food at 11am. Cards in the air at 12pm. 5000 Extra Chips for Food Purchase before cards in the air!
You must have participated at least 5 times during the quarter to qualify for quarterly. Register with your dealer by August 3rd.

Upcoming Charity Tournaments

Date Location Details

Tournament Schedule

Sign up begins 30 minutes prior to start time.

Day Venue City Time
MondayThe Crazy GatorEustis, FL5:30pm
TuesdayWoody's Bar-B-QWildwood, FL4:00pm
WednesdayLa Palma Mexican GrillLeesburg, FL4:00pm
FridayLa Palma Mexican GrillLeesburg, FL4:00pm
SaturdayLa Palma Mexican GrillLeesburg, FL1:00pm

Visit our online Schedule for a printer friendly view of the schedule with complete location information.

Game Play

Participate in local Sit and Go Style Tournaments any day of the week to earn points. Points are awarded to top two finishers as well as for special knockouts and bounties.

Participate in quarterly multi-table Tournaments where your points earn you additional chips. Finalists are awarded prizes.


Daily tournaments may award prizes. Come back often to see announcements of special promotions and offers.

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